eZ Server Monitor

A lightweight and simple dashboard monitor for Linux

eSM`sh - Changelog

v2.3 - 30 November 2017

  • General : several themes available (view documentation) !
  • Memory : fix on recovery the free memory
  • Ping : add "round-trip" in awk regex

v2.2 - 18 September 2015

  • General : colors enhancements
  • System : fix distro name for some platforms
  • CPU : minor fix for retrieving datas (ignoring case with grep)
  • CPU : retrieves correctly CPU frequency for Raspberry Pi
  • Disk : fix on retrieving mounted points if DISK_SHOW_TMPFS is set to false
  • Temperatures : get CPU temperature for Raspberry Pi and improving the recovery of CPU temperature

v2.1 - 17 June 2014

  • System : fix to get the distro name
  • Services : fix to check a service. Replacing the nc command by another (thanks to @Aaaaadrien)
  • Services : ability to specify a host for each service (thanks to @_noKid and mobidyc)
  • Network usage : fix to retrieve the name of the network interfaces (thanks to @_noKid, @Aaaaadrien and @Albirew)
  • Memory : the cached and buffers memory are added to free memory now (thanks to @Albirew)
  • Disk usage : new option to hide tmpfs mountpoints (thanks to mobidyc and @Albirew)
  • Load Average : taking into account the number of cores (thanks to icefo)

v2.0 - 15 April 2014

  • Total redesign of the project to reduce the code and have a nice design.

v1.0 - 11 February 2009

  • First stable version
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