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Version 2.3 of eSM`sh !

30 November 2017

This version brings some optimizations and especially the arrival of the themes!

View the documentation for more details.

Here's the changelog of eSM`sh v2.3 :

  • General : several themes available (view documentation) !
  • Memory : fix on recovery the free memory
  • Ping : add "round-trip" in awk regex

You can download eSM`sh v2.3 in [downloads section...

Version 2.5 of eSM`Web !

18 September 2015

Many many changes for this new version !

The design of eSM`Web is now compatible for mobile and tablets. And themes are ready ! You now have the opportunity to choose a theme from those available (see documentation).
Security has been optimized (configuration file is now better), the CPU datas are now retrieved correctly for the Raspberry Pi and the CPU temperature is availabl...

Version 2.2 of eSM`sh !

18 September 2015

Many fixes have been made in particular on the recovery of the distro, the CPU frequency and temperature for the Raspberry Pi. Here's the complete changelog for eSM`sh 2.2 :

  • General : colors enhancements
  • System : fix distro name for some platforms
  • CPU : minor fix for retrieving datas (ignoring case with grep)
  • CPU : retrieves correctly CPU frequency for Raspberry Pi
  • Disk : f...

Version 2.4 of eSM`Web !

12 February 2015

Here's the changelog of this new version of eSM`Web :

  • Network : rewriting the network module (some issues with Arch and old Ubuntu) (thanks to rthill and cappir)
  • CPU : changes on retreiving CPU information (thanks to Nicolas01 and @robin_edw)
  • Load Average : fix on recovery in the number of CPU cores (thanks to @robin_edw)
  • Last login : the datas are retrieved differently
  • M...

Version 2.3 of eSM`Web !

11 November 2014

Here's the changelog of this new version of eSM`Web :

  • General : add favicon (thanks to smartshogu)
  • General : change measurement to GB/MB/... instead of Go/Mo/... (thanks to @pontusohman and smartshogu)
  • System : fix distro name for some platforms (thanks to Hugues Granger)
  • System : fix on retreive users (thanks to @Aaaaadrien)
  • Network : fix on getting interfaces rates *(...

Version 2.2 of eSM`Web !

21 October 2014

This version brings some new things:

  • General : syntax checking of the configuration file (thanks to Micht69)
  • General : check PHP version (5.3+) (thanks to Gilles)
  • General : add check_updates setting to the config file to enable or not the checking for updates
  • General : add auto_refresh setting to the config file to automatically reload page each x seconds *(thanks to sebas...

GitHub repositories available !

18 June 2014

Good news ! I created a GitHub repository for eSM Web and another for eSM sh:

You can now clone those repositories to add your developments ;)

New versions of eSM`Web and eSM`sh !

17 June 2014

After the release of eZ Server MonitorWeb v2.0, many people have told me bugs or improvements. After a few hours of working on it, I joined these corrections and adding features in v2.1 of eSMWeb. Here is the full changelog:

  • System : fix to get the distro name (thanks to @Aaaaadrien)
  • Services : fix on service names with accent (thanks to @Albirew)
  • Services : ability to speci...

Welcome to eZ Server Monitor !

17 April 2014

Welcome to the official website of eZ Server Monitor.

eSM, its alias, is a dashboard declining in two versions : Web and Bash.

After a first version of eSM`Web released in 2009, I decided to take over the project and starting from scratch, or rather an empty file.

Thus was born eSM`Web 2.0 in early 2014. It is prettier, more efficient, mor...

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