eZ Server Monitor

A lightweight and simple dashboard monitor for Linux

Version 2.2 of eSM`Web !

21 October 2014
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This version brings some new things:

  • General : syntax checking of the configuration file (thanks to Micht69)
  • General : check PHP version (5.3+) (thanks to Gilles)
  • General : add check_updates setting to the config file to enable or not the checking for updates
  • General : add auto_refresh setting to the config file to automatically reload page each x seconds (thanks to sebastienserre and Aranud)
  • Disk usage : fixes a bug when a space is present in the filesystem name (thanks to Hugues Granger)

You can download eSM`Web v2.2 in downloads section.

Again, thank to all the people who have used eZ Server Monitor ;)

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