eZ Server Monitor

A lightweight and simple dashboard monitor for Linux

Version 2.3 of eSM`Web !

11 November 2014
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Here's the changelog of this new version of eSM`Web :

  • General : add favicon (thanks to smartshogu)
  • General : change measurement to GB/MB/... instead of Go/Mo/... (thanks to @pontusohman and smartshogu)
  • System : fix distro name for some platforms (thanks to Hugues Granger)
  • System : fix on retreive users (thanks to @Aaaaadrien)
  • Network : fix on getting interfaces rates (thanks to @Aaaaadrien)
  • Ping : returns 0 if there is no result

You can download eSM`Web v2.3 in downloads section.

Again, thank to all the people who have used eZ Server Monitor ;)

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